FARS British Championships 2018

Mini Solo Dance

1st - Isabel Pearce


Mini Couple's Dance 

2nd - Zac Bristow & Jayla Wells


Masters Solo Dance

1st - Jackie Davis


Cadet Solo Dance 

5th - Natasha Mortensen

13th - Eleanor Pearce


Youth Men's Solo Dance

2nd - Johnny Murphy


Youth Couple's Dance

1st - Johnny Murphy & Natasha Mortensen


Junior Ladies Solo Dance

1st - Ursula Campbell


Junior Men's Solo Dance

1st - Max Montgomery


Senior Men's Solo Dance

2nd - Niall Stacey


For the full results please visit the FARS website -

Medway Cups 2015

Youth Solo Dance - Event "A"

2nd - Johnny Murphy

5th - Roberta Hancock

6th - Alice Payne

8th - Rhiannon Heath

9th - Abigail Pearce-King


Youth Solo Dance - Event "B"

5th - Simona Thompson


Elementary Solo Dance - Event "A"

2nd - Natasha Mortensen

4th - Kiera Thompson


Elementay Solo Dance - Event "B"

7th - Tara Slors

11th - Alissa Bowley


Junior Solo Dance - Inter-Silver

1st - Annabel Haylor-Giles

9th - Michaela Lingham


Non-Medallist Solo Dance - Event "A"

7th - Mia Thompson


Non-Medallist Solo Dance - Event "C"

6th - Ellie Brown


Classic Solo Dance

1st - Hazel Lingham

2nd - Tina Barton


Superteams - Event "A"

1st - Meridian Eclipse (Richard, Rhiannon, Natasha, Eleanor, Kiera)

3rd - Meridian Times (Annabel, Roberta, Ellie, Isabel, Mia)


Superteams - Event "B"

2nd - Meridian Years (Niall, Johnny, Alissa, Tara, Phoebe)


Newcomers Solo Dance - Event "A"

1st - Isabel Pearce


Newcomers Solo Dance - Event "B"

2nd - Aimee Jefkins

4th - Millie Rainer


Newcomers Solo Dance - Event "C"

3rd - Phoebe Gamm

5th - Eleanor Pearce


Newcomers Solo Dance - Event "D"

5th - Gemma Woodhead

7th - Maajan Tomlinson


Senior Teams Inter-Bronze & Over - Event "A"

1st - Meridian Hours (Richard, Niall, Alice)

3rd - Meridian Minutes (Annabel, Roberta, Rebecca)

8th - Meridian Days (Michaela, Simona, Abbie)


Senior Teams Inter-Bronze & Over - Event "B"

2nd- Meridian Nights (Johnny, Rhiannon, Jess)


Non-Medallist Duos - Event "A"

1st - Isabel Pearce & Mia Thompson

3rd - Aimee Jefkins & Millie Rainer


Non-Medallist Duos - Event "B"

4th - Phoebe Gamm & Maajan Tomlinson


Non-Medallist Duos - Event "C"

4th - Ellie Brown & Eleanor Pearce


Couples Inter-Bronze & Over

1st - Annabel Haylor-Giles & Niall Stacey

3rd - Alice Payne & Johnny Murphy


Junior Teams Up to Premlim

3rd - Meridian Era (Mia, Kiera, Tara)

7th - Meridian Decade (Natasha, Alissa, Ellie)


Senior Solo Dance

1st - Richard Miller

2nd - Niall Stacey

4th - Rebecca Reeves


Junior Mens, Senior Ladies, Senior Mens British Championships 2015

Junior Mens Solo Dance

1st - Niall Stacey


Senior Ladies Solo Dance

4th - Terri Davis


Senior Mens Solo Dance

2nd - Richard Miller

3rd - Niall Stacey


Full Results -

Cadet, Youth, Junior Ladies, Masters British Championships 2015

Cadet Solo Dance

(Heat 1) 3rd - Johnny Murphy

(Heat 1) 13th - Tara Slors

(Heat 2) 4th - Annabel Haylor-Giles

(Heat 2) 7th - Roberta Hancock


(Finals) 2nd - Annabel Haylor-Giles

(Finals) 6th - Johnny Murphy


Masters "A" Solo Dance

1st - Jackie Davis


Full Results -

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