Our Coaches

Wendy Murphy - Head Coach

Wendy is the Head Coach of Meridian RF&DC, Wendy started out as a figures and free skater. She took charge of Meridian in 1978 where she concentrated her time on teaching dance. Wendy has trained international skaters for the past 30 years, at European and World events. Within this time she has also trained a vast number of skaters who have medalled at all levels of national championships including 7 British Junior Dance Couples and 4 British Senior Dance Couples. In addition to this 3 British Classic Dance Couples and 2 Masters Solo Dance.


Wendy has also been National Dance Coach and has attended numerous international training seminars as British Head Coach. Wendy was awarded with a prestigious award by the Greenwich Borough underlining her coaching experience and abilities.


Wendy has a wealth of experience and has nutured thousands of skaters - taking them from Bambi legs to Championship level!

Jackie Davis - Assistant Head Coach

Jackie has been involved in roller skating skating for over 40 years, showing her dedication and commitment to the sport. In her youth Jackie was an accomplished all round skater and competitor. She won numerous medals and trophies and all disciplines covering Free Skating, Pairs and Dance. Jackie was the first person to land an Axel jump in Meridian Roller Skating Club!


Jackie has a fine eye for detail and a natural ease in aiding learning visually, enhancing her already exceptional coaching talents. 


Jackie still competes today and is currently the British Masters Solo Dance Champion! 

Tina Barton - Coach


Home grown Tina has been skating her whole life, and lives and breaths the sport! Tina is an accomplished skater and still competes alongside her muses to this day.  


Tina coaches beginner skaters in learning the basics, and intermidiate skaters towards competing at various club competitions. With a love for all things fun, Tina's easy going nature means she is the perfect coach!

Niall Stacey - Coach


Niall has been skating since the age of 10, and has thrice been crowned the British Champion for his age related catergory. Niall has also competed internationally including at the European and World Championships.


Niall has a flair for the creative and choreographs many free-dance routines. Niall's dance education training not only means he is an adaptable teacher, but also helps in putting the finishing touches to our skater's individual performances. Niall's coaching style is fit for all!

Our Helpers

Our "Sunday Morning Helpers" are the very heart of Meridian, turning complete beginners into savvy skaters!


We are very lucky to have the assistance of Karen and Montse at our Sunday morning general skate sessions. With years of skating experience between them, they help us enormously in getting beginner skaters off the ground! 


Many of our senior skaters also volunteer as coaches during the Sunday Morning Beginner Session to enable the club to offer as many coaches as possible during the grading part of the session.


All helpers above the age of 18 hold the appropriate Disclosure & Barring Documentation.

All coaches are CPU licensed which means that they have been vetted to comply with the legislation covering Child Protection.


Please feel free to ask to see any of the coaches licenses.

We are Based at the Walnuts Leisure Centre in Orpington, Kent.


Walnuts Leisure Centre

Lych Gate Road





The club runs skating sessions to cater for all ages and standards. Please view the sessions section on this website to see the times we offer.

Want to skate with us?


For general enquiries text Alison on:                              

07957 478462

or e-mail


Do you have the right equipment?

Meridian have entered a partnership with a company to supply our skaters with the correct high quality skates using top world class brands such as Roll-Line, Edea, Risport and Komplex to make the step forward towards competitive skating. These skates are fully endorsed by the coaches at the club and really make a difference in your skating ability. 


This is a hire scheme per month.


For additional details vistit



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