FARs Grade Badges

We recommend that each skater purchases a FARs grade book which lists all of the grades that they can learn and pass over time. There is a section within the grade book to have your progress recorded by getting your coach to "sign off" your grade passes.


Meridian award grade badges and certificates to those who have passed a grade during the previous month. This presentation takes place on the last Sunday of each month (unless stated otherwise). To take part in the grade presentation, money for the grade badge and certificate must be paid to the treasurer on the day of achievement.


During the monthly grade presentation you will be rewarded with a certificate and a badge to sew on your Meridian training polo shirt.


Cost of Book and Badges


FARs Grade Book  50p


Grade 1 Badge     £3.00

Grade 2 Badge     £1.00

Grade 3 Badge     £1.00

Grade 4 Badge     £1.00

Grade 5 Badge     £1.00

Grade 6 Badge     £1.00


  • Skaters MUST get their book signed by the coach who passes their grade. Then show the signed off grade book to the Club Treasurer and pay for the appropriate badge immediately.
  • Please Note - If you do not pay for a grade badge before the end of the month of passing the grade, you WILL NOT be a part of the grade presentation for that month.
  • Please Note - Grade badges and certificates are not obligitory. However, if you opt out of taking part in purchasing grade badges, you will not be a part of the monthly presentation.


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The club runs skating sessions to cater for all ages and standards. Please view the sessions section on this website to see the times we offer.

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Do you have the right equipment?

Meridian have entered a partnership with a company to supply our skaters with the correct high quality skates using top world class brands such as Roll-Line, Edea, Risport and Komplex to make the step forward towards competitive skating. These skates are fully endorsed by the coaches at the club and really make a difference in your skating ability. 


This is a hire scheme per month.


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